Hi!  Welcome to my Cartooning website.  I'm Bruce Blitz and Did you know that you can take simple shapes, like a circle, triangle... even numbers and letters and turn them into finished cartoons?   Well you can, and I'll show you how!  You'll see just how easy it is to learn how to draw and be a great cartoonist! I've created and hosted a Television series, “Cartooning with Blitz”where I taught people of all ages, how to draw.  Many people think that you have to be born with the talent to draw cartoons, but I don't think that is true. I believe that anyone with a desire to draw ... can LEARN how to draw!  

Throughout my travels, I am always being asked by people, where did I learn how to draw...and how can they learn! Well, now I am happy to be able to say... right here!  Visit my cartooning Store page and see my fun & easy instructional basic how to draw cartooning books, DVDs and Art kits with all the neccesary art supplies that you'll need!  Also, stop by and learn how to draw my latest cartoon creations, Doodles the Dolphin & his cartoon pals with easy to follow  step by step cartoon lesson sheets that you can download for free.  So, enjoy yourself, and remember to... Keep on Cartooning!

 Four-Time Emmy-Nominated,

Creator & Host of the Television Series,

"Cartooning with Blitz'', has...

Taught Millions of People How to Draw!