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The above Sign-in-Board measures 36 inches wide and 24 Inches high and is mounted on 1/4 inch foam board.

Gift Caricatures

You want to talk about a Unique, Unusual, Personal, Fun Gift to give someone...THIS IS IT!
I work from photographs and incorporate the subject's, Sport, Hobby, Business and more!
For Example:  the caricature of one of the best sports radio personality in the business, at work with a few extra personal touches around, the couple with a Star Wars Theme, a fitness coach, an aspiring actor leaving his day job, a couple that never misses the annual "Blob Fest"  and a family pediatrician who hangs his fun cartoon portrait in his office for all to enjoy!  Gift Caricatures  are a terrific conversation piece!
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What a great way to have your guests enter your party!  They get to show you their Love!
Sign-in-Boards are perfect for Weddings, Graduation, Birthdays or any Special event!
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