My First Blog entry... Humble Beginnings

Since this is my first "Blitz Blog" (try saying that a few times fast)... I thought I would begin by posting some of the cartooning I did along time ago, when I first got interested in animation. I always loved animation such as Warner Brothers(Bug Bunny), Max Fleischer (Betty Boop & Popeye), Disney, Terrytoons (Mighty Mouse) and lots of others, I used to make cartoon flipbooks when I was a kid and now I was older, about in my early twenties.. I tried starting my own animation studio! I had a ball doing it and actually got about 8 productions for local TV commercials for business' in the area. Here are some of those. On "Jimmies Used Auto Parts" I played keyboard for the jingle too. Animation being so time consuming (even though it's a labor of love) was tough to make money with. Local business owners didn't have a budget for such things. I would like to hear any thoughts you may have on this. Enjoy.
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