I've Taught Millions of People How to Draw!

When I was a boy, I couldn’t stop doodling!

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, I grew up doodling cartoons in the margins of my notebook as well as playing piano and organ in rock bands all around the Philly area.  I  then turned professional with both these skills and worked in a wide variety of artistic fields.  


I wrote and hosted 104 episodes of my Television series, “Cartooning with Blitz” and was rewarded with four Emmy-nominations, one of which was for my music, that I created for the series.  My TV series and products have been translated and are seen many different countries such as: Mexico, Columbia, Mid East, Israel, Serbia, Japan, England and Spain.


I created art instruction books, videos & DVDs as well as my unique How-to-Draw kits that feature my cartooning inventions such as The Re-Tooner™ and The Insta-Cartooner™!  I taught cartooning on the Joan Rivers Show, appeared on the QVC Shopping Network, 95 shows for Comcast on Demand’s popular kid show, “Activity TV” and appear on the NEW hit Television Show, Wonderama!


Throughout my travels, I’ve found that people are fascinated by seeing a blank piece of paper turn into a finished cartoon. On my TV series and with my products, I try to do just that...take simple shapes and add some detail. It all adds up to the fact that, art is a terrific way to express yourself and once you see that you too can draw... it also becomes a great way to build self esteem!

All of this because, just like when I was a kid…



On the Set of "Cartooning with Blitz"

The Joan Rivers Show

Cartooning Books for Popeyes Food Chain

"Express yourself and You'll Impress Yourself"

Some of my "How to Draw" Cartooning Products.

Comcast On Demand's popular Kid Show

 A few friends stop by to join in the cartooning fun!

43 Appearances on the QVC Network

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