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Traditional Caricatures

(aka "Cartoon Portraits")

"Popular since the Marker was Invented"!

Couple pose for a wedding caricature on their special day!

Caricatures are Entertainment!

What are Cartoon Portraits, you ask?

Well, they are a way of capturing someone's likeness with a twist of humor and creativity. You can exaggerate their features, add some funny details, or even change their expression to make them look more interesting.


The goal is to make a portrait that is both recognizable and amusing, and that shows the personality of the subject. Cartoon Portraits are fun to draw and fun to look at!

There's nothing like seeing a caricature artist in action! It's so much fun to watch them capture the essence of a person with just a few strokes of their marker. You never know what they'll exaggerate or emphasize, and the results are always hilarious. Watching caricatures being drawn is entertainment at an event that everyone can enjoy!

Sample cartoon caricature portrait by Bruce Blitz at an event..

Pricing & More Information

Traditional Caricatures

Done with Marker & Paper

$150. an hour - 2 hour minimum.

(Travel fee may apply depending upon distance from Cherry Hill NJ).

Approximately 11 - 14 in Black & White faces can be drawn per hour.

Additional Artists

You might be planning an event for a large crowd.  There is no problem. We can provide you with as many caricature artists as you need, all of them skilled and experienced .


Contact us today and let us make your event a blast! 

Bruce Blitz and his subject pose next to his caricature portrait.
Sample caricature of an individual gentleman.
Caricature sample by Bruce Blitz at a wedding party!
Sample cartoon caricature portrait at a wedding.

About the Artist

Bruce's clients have always given him rave reviews for his work.  He has worked as a successful caricaturist for over 25 years, drawing people at corporate events, weddings, and parties of all kinds.

Bruce is a versatile artist who has explored various creative fields such as, animation, advertising, and television, where he created and hosted 104 episodes of his own 4 time Emmy-nominated show called "Cartooning with Blitz". Bruce is also a talented musician who composed and performed all the music for his show, as well as catchy jingles for businesses.

Sample caricature at the Phillies baseball game.
Sample cartoon caricature portrait by Bruce Blitz at an event.
Sample caricature of a couple at a party.
Sample caricature of a couple at a party.

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