Success is with Those Who Keep Trying!

What age did you start drawing cartoons?

I started drawing when I was about 5 or so, like so many kids do.  I think all kids enjoy drawing or coloring or just plain scribbling.  Kids don't care if they're doing it right or wrong which is why, to them it's just plain old fun (as it should be)!!!

What do you like drawing the best?

I enjoy all kinds of subject matter.  Animals, action poses, various types of people... whatever it takes to tell the story or joke that  I am trying to tell.


What should someone do to become a cartoonist?

Draw a lot!  Look at other cartoonist's drawings, like in the newspaper, internet and so on.  Also, read books on how to draw.  

Who is your favorite cartoonist?

There are so many great cartoonists with varying styles and types of humor, that it would be hard to pick one!  However, I am asked that question a lot and it's a let down, when I don't actually choose one, so here goes.  Jack Davis is a cartooning hero to me... but there are many others too! 

Where do you get ideas for a cartoon?

​Inspiration is all around us!  Just be on the lookout for humor in everyday situations and try to draw a sketch to illustrate it.  For example, someone carrying a couple of overflowing bags of groceries could be worked up to a funny cartoon.

Is it easy to make money selling your cartoons?

Like anything it takes persistence, but yes it can be done!   A good way to start is to do a few cartoons for a local business near you who might just need a good crisp cartoon for a sign, flyer or an ad they are running in the newspaper. Also, approach a friend who might need an original cartoon for their blog or website.

Do you like working as a cartoonist?

Absolutely!  I guess I could say, it doesn't feel like work at all!

What are some different kinds of cartooning?

Caricatures, which are also known as cartoon portraits and seen at vacation resorts, amusement parks, parties and are also used for ads in magazines etc. Also, there is cartooning for comic strips, comic books, storybook illustration, signs for billboards, animation for TV and in the movies... let's face it, cartoons are EVERYWHERE and it's up to cartoonists like you and I to keep it that way!