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Creating your own Comic Strip is a great way to express yourself. Everyone who likes to draw cartoons, has at one time or another thought of creating their own Comic Strip! As the cartoonist, you design the characters, create the world in which they live, call all the shots in that world and then...get to watch people enjoy what you have done! This fun & easy book is loaded with info on how to get started drawing comic strips. Four time Emmy-nominated television cartoonist, Bruce Blitz provides you with a step by step guide to draw your own comic strips.

Have you ever heard people say, "when it comes to drawing , you have to be born with talent?" Well don't believe it! I am convinced that anyone with a desire and a positive attitude cna lear how to draw! This book will take you from the beginning by breaking objects down to the 4 basic can draw anything. I have designed this book to be fun and easy for the beginners. It teaches the basics of: light and shadow, perspective, composition, cartooning, still life and more.

So, you want to be a cartoonist? Well you've come the right place. If you are one of those people who can't stop doodling, you're not alone... and there is good news! Cartoonist Bruce Blitz (4 time Emmy-nominated Television cartoonist, creator and host of the series Cartooning with Blitz) has written this 56 page instructional book to help turn your doodles into finished cartoons. Bruce takes it step by step and shows how to take simple shapes and turn them into finished cartoons. I'm Bruce Blitz, thanks and "Keep on Cartoonin'!"

3 Book BUNDLE: Cartooning, Basic Drawing, Comic Strips

  • These books measure 8.5"x11".

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