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Learn how to draw different cartoon characters.  Every cartoon character must look like who they are and what they do. It's like casting actors for a movie or a play. As the cartoonist we have to draw these characters to fit the story or assignment. People in this wide world, that we live in, all come in different shapes and sizes. This book teaches you how to draw toddlers to seniors and everything in between, including a few monsters and creepy guys. There is a chapter on Doodle Tricks, which is when you turn numbers, letters and objects into finished cartoons. Inanimate objects, such as a popsicle, chair, saxophone and more, come to life in cartooning, by giving them a personality! There is also a chapter on cartoons in advertising. This book is packed with drawings that are fun & easy to do.

Drawing Cartoon Characters by Bruce Blitz

  • This LARGE SIZE Book measures 13.75 x 10.25 makes learning easy!

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